Friday, September 16

But Get Her to the Church On Time

So Yennifair got hitched tonight and I turned the big quarter century old. Wedding day highlights included getting my hair done at a salon...this never happens...and while there having the lady blow dry my natural curls until they frizzed out like it was their job...( is their's been my job to maintain them since age 4). At one point I looked like a classical music composer with a frizzy wig. I asked Jen to hand me a baton and a violin and I'd compose a concerto. All very funny and I apologize for not taking a snap shot to share. It would have been quite embarassing, but worth the mirth it would have provided readers. The hair ended up working out, glad this is the first time a hair blowdrying incident in a salon turned out okay.

Jen and Kris were sweet enough to put "Happy Birthday Becky" on the cake at our table to make me feel special on my birthday.

Here are some highlight pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

With Jen right before the ceremony.

With my birthday cake. I'm still looking for the matching pony.

With Jen, Shay, and Mel at the reception.

Jen and her boy.

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katherine said...

bex... i'm so sorry i missed your birthday! not that you would have been able to talk in the midst of the wedding festivities, but i apologize nonetheless. i hope it was happy. you look beautiful, plus you got your very own cake! it couldn't have been a total bust. anyhow, i'll call you later.