Monday, September 12

Quarters for Everyone

So I do apologize for the lack of postings for the past month. Has it been a month already? Golly. In the past month, I've been settling back in Michigan, catching up with old friends and getting back into graduate school. I must say that I've been very overwhelmed with what's been going on in Louisiana since I left it. It's all very sad to me. I've felt somewhat like the hurricane is symbolic of what's been going on in my life--the life I knew just a month ago will never be the same. I've changed states, jobs, and no longer am living in my fabulous apartment in Baton Rouge. How I miss it all so much.

But for those of you who were wondering...YES IT IS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Feel free to send me the pony you've been keeping a secret in your backyard for the past year in anticipation of one of the greatest calendar days of this year....September 16. It's okay if I get more than one, I've been mentally preparing for a pack of ponies for years. It'll give me a reason to move to Montana and stake that claim I've been threatening to stake.

I will be a quarter century old this year. I feel like I should do something funny like give everyone I like a quarter in celebration. If I had to choose they'd be Michigan quarters in celebration of returning to the state I love so much. But instead, I will celebrate my birthday in a way I never have standing in a line of girls in matching outfits, holding flowers, and holding back all the mix of tears of joy and sadness as one of my BFFs get's hitched Friday.

KRIS (INSERT DUTCH LAST NAME HERE) YOU BETTER BE GOOD TO MY YENNIFAIR OR YOU'LL HAVE TO DEAL WITH MY WRATH. I don't really know how much wrath I'm capable of. It's just sort of fun to write empty threats in caps lock.

More later this week on what I've been up to. I promise photos, too.

Thanks for your patience while I get this life of mine on the fast track to normalcy once again.

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