Wednesday, November 2

How to Annoy Me

Wear swishy nylon pants in one of my graduate school classes, sit three feet away from me, and shake your leg for the three hour duration of the class. I thought I might have to rip out all my hair with the frustration. I just wanted to grab the girl and say "Sweetie, everyone can hear that....and (to quote Meg Ryan in French Kiss when she talks to the French hotel concierge) IT MAKES ME COMPLETELY INSANE!"

Little noises are no good for me, no good at all.


reshae said...

hey babe, this is reshae. i'm sorry about crazy pants people, i'm glad you were able to contain yourself, i can only imagine the strength it must have taken. i hope i'll get to chat with you soon...i need your advice on boys...yes, they continue to confuse me. hope you had fun with aaron

Miss Julie said...

Apparently the loathing of little noises runs in the family. Just ask Scott how often I whine at him. I, for one, sympathize with you.