Friday, December 2

Have I Lost My Mind?

Absolutely not. So the new obsession is this little show called Lost on Wednesday nights. So far I've only seen about 4 episodes total, but it is as if I've been lassoed and pulled in because I think I'm hooked. Does anyone else watch this show? I'm going to Netflix season one soon so that I can catch up on the beginning.

In other news, I have two fire ant bites on my two of my left foot toes. I've never had these kind of bites before. But, typically with any sort of mosquito bite, I swell up and itch for weeks. This is even worse because the bites actually hurt and are blistery. Fire ants...we're in a fight.

Last night, I made jambalaya for my family with some of the exceptional smoked meats I got in Louisiana. The tasso (a Cajun smoked ham), andouille sausage, and pork sausage made it absolutely teriffic. It was amazing how these locally made meats improved the jambalaya I already know and love to make. Yummers.

There hasn't been a picture on here lately, so I'll leave you with a shot of the Sally Cat, taken on Thanksgiving day. I was trying to make it look like she had been hunting a turkey...but we all know that the feather she's pounced on is a pheasant feather. So who am I trying to kid?


Emilie said...

Sally is the prettiest kitty north of the Louisiana-Mississippi state line.

swtpmarie said...

Sally does look intensely fierce though...are you sure she didn't kill that pheasant first?

REAL FOOD IN THE MORNING!!!! I'm so glad you're in the gan-of-Michi. Scramblers and omlettes for everyone with cherry-pecan pancakes!

Your favorite Cousin said...

You have to watch out for that "LOST" show, it is way to addicting. The next new episode isn't until the 11th of January. ARRRRGGGHhhh!

That Sally cat sure has grown from that lone weekend I got to spend with her so many years ago.

Nice work on the blog....Too bad we don't live any closer to each other and we could actually talk in person..... :)


Marie said...

I LOVE LOST!!! I have the first season on DVD and you can totally watch it, it's awesome, I'm so obsessed it's ridiculous