Monday, July 10

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - By Bex

This summer was a busy one. After (graduate) school got out in the spring, the last thing I wanted to do was sit at a computer in the evening after I got out of my busy job each day. So I took a break from the electronic marvel that is blogging and had some adventures. After all, there wasn't any homework to procrastinate from, so blogging didn't appeal all that much compared to romping around in the Lake Michigan waves that are a short half mile away.

This summer I:

Bet $10 at the horse races in Muskegon and came home with $12.10 - a $2.10 profit. Watch out for me...I'm a professional horse racing gambler.

Spelled the word "petunia" twice in a game of Scrabble against my friend Todd - both vertically and horizontally.

Visited my friend Emilie for her 21+4 birthday in Louisiana

Went to a conference for work in Baltimore and also saw my friend Aaron. Somehow we took pictures with almost identical faces to some photos we took last fall, which I realize because it's the two of us, is actually quite possible, because well we both make a bunch a kooky faces.

Made strawberry freezer jam with my mum

You'll notice also the plethora of vegetables from the GH farmer's market in the hanging basket. It's been a delicious summer already and its only July. I can't wait for the tomatoes to get good and the corn!

This weekend my sister-in-law and I are throwing a baby shower for my sis. The word is that the twins are in fact two little girls. Very fun indeed! I'll try to get some belly photos to show you all.


Reshae said...

YAYAYAYAYAAYYAAYAYAYYAYYAYAYA, a new post to read.....and soo many fun things to read about. i totally agree about the whole "let's use internet blogging to delay the inevitable homework assignment that just never seems to do itself", and YAY on such a profitable gambling experience...look out VEgas:)

oh, in just over 3 weeks, we'll both be a half mile from Lake MI...just on opposite sides. we'll have to get two cans and a LOOOONG string so we can chat...ok?...oh wait...maybe we can just use our cell phones. nope...the cans will be MUCH more fun:)

bexala said...

My phone construction tool of choice as a child was always bathroom Dixie cups. If you will consider this device, then we'll have a plan.

katherine said...

becky, becky. welcome back. i've missed you. let's talk soon, okay? i'm glad you're enjoying your summer vacation, particularly the lake. the ocean is wonderful, but you just can't beat fresh water. oh well. talk to you soon!!

swtpmarie said...

mmm, strawberry freezer jam...much love for the jam. So good to see you and pamper our tootsies this weekend! :) My toes are smiling at me right now.

I like you.

Reshae said...

dixie cups?? well, not sure, but i'm willing to give it a try...You're on..:)

katherine said...

let's see some pictures of those babies, huh? come on!