Tuesday, June 12

On Bonnets, Apple Butter and Designer Dickies

I bet you didn't expect that to be the first title I'd write upon my hiatus from blogging. But it seems to ring especially true as I reflect on last weekend's activities - a trip to Shipshewana with my mom, aunt and cousin. One of the highlights of the trip, other than the beautiful contemporary mission style dining room table set that I'm still dreaming about, was a brand of terribly disgusting women's clothing called Shipshe Casuals - a brand dedicated to women who prefer to have a holiday sweater each month of the year and require that all capri pants, cardigans and other items be bedazzled, puffy painted or embroidered with creatures. The title of this post is reminiscent of the sign on one of the rotating racks..."Designer Dickies." Now I ask you...how is that even possible? Apple necklace anyone?

This photo pretty much sums up how I felt about the sidewalk sale.

The funny part is that as I jigged about on the porch wearing the depicted hideousness, completely mocking the style of clothing that I will NEVER wear, a woman complimented me on how nicely the vest fit me and exclaimed, "I wish they had that in my size," and was completely serious and began to scan the rack. I then exclaimed "We need to get out of here immediately."

In other weekend highlight news, I have officially purchased fabric for my first "person-with-hobbies-and-out-of-graduate-school" project. The solid green and Amy Butler (thanks Jen for clueing me into her fabulousness) lotus fabric will be used to make new throw pillows for my couch to accent my green area rug and the fruit panels will go on some flour sacking kitchen towels - I just have to find the sacking.

And, here's a bit of news I should have reported months ago, I got rain boots. Be Jealous.

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swtpmarie said...

You didn't tell me about THIS on the VM! :) I'm very jealous of the rain boots...not so much of the vest. And I just laughed, out loud at 5 AM about the woman admiring your vest. Miss you.

Oh...and I'm going to John Mayer at Red Rocks this Friday. Be jealous. :)