Sunday, August 12

I Define Blogging Underachievement

As much as I really enjoy writing, it seems that I don't do all that much of it on here any more - for the love, I've been averaging one post per month!

But regardless, assuming anyone actually reads this anymore, I thought I'd share my top five summer highlights:

Number 5 - Herb Garden
I've always wanted to have a garden, but living in an apartment has its limitations and access to soil is indeed one of them. But, this year, I did manage to put some herbs in two four foot long planters on my patio and the herbs have grown beautifully and made my salads, sauces and dinners all the more flavorfull and delightful. This weekend I made a roasted vegetable lasagna with a fresh marinara sauce with thyme, basil, oregano and Italian parsley from the garden - delicious.

Number 4 - Patio Paradise
One of the perks of my place is the size of the patio and I promised myself this summer that I would make it an extension of my living space with some chairs, a rug and a fountain. The two chairs I bought at IKEA have the design elements and appearance I love, but also they are super comfy. I've sipped many a cocktail out there this summer and Sallycat seems to enjoy the purple rag rug as well.

Number 3 - Making Gazpacho in my Cuisinart
I knew the Cuisinart I received last winter would be put to good use and I knew one of those uses would be to make gazpacho. It's funny because the recipe for this deliciously fresh and cold soup in the Cuisinart instruction manual is actually quite delicious. After a trip to the farmer's market, I can barely wait to head home make this...and I have been all summer long.

Number 2 - Getting a shout out from one of my favorite bloggers

Number 1 - Canoe trip to the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada
I had always hear the Boundary Waters was a terrific place to go, but when I was invited to go north of there to the Quetico with a small group, I could hardly turn it down. I spent seven glorious days up there in July, paddling, trying to learn to fly fish and cooking gourmet meals over a camp fire. I tried northern pike for the first time and had small mouth bass prepared as ceviche (a cooking method where the acid and citrus from lime juice cooks the fish) - terrific! The weather could have been warmer and less rainy, but the location and the remote wilderness experience made me forget about feeling soggy. I long for the next time I go there. I have never been somewhere that I went almost seven days without hearing anything mechanical or seeing another group of people. It was the best.

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