Monday, November 12

How to Determine You Might Have Grown Up a Wee Bit

(Though...not entirely of course.)

1. Go to Panera Bread on a Sunday morning to read the newspaper.

2. Order yourself your usual cinnamon sugar crunchy bagel-ey goodness with hazelnut cream cheese.

3. Scan the menu even though you usually order the same non-fat double latte, no flavor.

4. Think to yourself, wow, that pumpkin spice latte sounds good.

5. Order pumpkin spice latte.

6. Pay.

7. Wait for said latte to be made.

8. Say yes to whip cream.

9. Watch as the 14-year-old making your coffee creates a pile of whip cream on your coffee somewhat resembling the Grand Tetons - only whiter. And whipped.

10. Take coffee and sugary bagel-ey goodness to a table.

11. Realize that together your breakfast has the same amount of refined white sugar that Louisiana produced last year.

12. Eat bagel.

13. Attempt to drink latte.

14. Think a lot about tooth decay and of those episodes of Extreme Makeover you watched but never would admit.

15. Stop drinking latte altogether.

15. Try to think of creative ways you could remove the syrup and whipped cream from latte.

16. Fail miserably.

17. Leave 3/4 full mug of latte in dish tub.

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Reshae said...

good ol' panera...