Monday, June 20

Have I become a Cajun? Ummmmm...."no"

So begins my very first blog. My sis got after me months ago to start all of this. So here I begin, here I type, and here I post.

It is now June and I've been living in Louisiana for almost 11 months now. Crazy! This past year has been a ride. I used to think I might get used to this place-- the food, how the cashier at Walmart didn't know what recycling was, how there was a lizard on my wall in my spare bedroom one day--but let's face it, Louisiana will NEVER be home. I'm a midwestern Yankee girl that loves the Great Lakes! (I do like the food down here though...and the fact that it was 80 degrees in February.)

In the past year, I've traveled a lot of exciting places and met a few new faces along the way. The following photos should bring most of us up to date and it is from here that I want to begin capturing what I'm up to on a weekly basis.

Here goes.....

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Miss Julie said...

Welcome, sis! I like it so far. How come you didn't tell me about Senor Cona sooner? You have to know I'd be charmed by a grinning burro.