Monday, June 27

Here Today...Gone Tomorrow

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet of all things I haven't worn in the past year. Some of the choices were easier than others. Probably the most difficult was this one long blue skirt I bought in college with eyelet trim on the bottom. It was one of those things that I loved wearing in college. I'd always wear it to exams so that even if I did poorly, I'd still feel pretty. Something about it always made me feel like it was springy and warm outside.

What is the reason for this rash behavior? Well, I'm moving in just over a month from now and last summer when I moved down here, I thought I had weeded my closet out. Somehow any time you're on your fifth trip up the stairs with an armload of clothing you tend to think.... as Colin Firth says in Bridget Jones......."not."

The weird thing is that the thrift store down here is called "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" and it has this huge picture of a dead African American woman on the sign. It always creeps me out when I drive by. But, I guess the name of the store rings true when it comes to my closet.

Oh, and p.s., I didn't get rid of the butterfly sneakers after all. I mean...really....WHO can get rid of butterfly sneakers??? Shhhhhh......