Thursday, June 30

Mmmm....cucumber sauce.

Today I gave a presentation for work at the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta national conference in Chicago, IL. In the evening we had the neat opportunity to visit the Garfield Park and Conservatory. Not only was the garden lovely, but the conference had the best snacks I've ever had at a conference. They were so much better than the standard rubbery chicken and dry green beans you get at most conferences. They had four stations of appetizers--Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Asian inspired. So delicious! I must say that the Mediterranean won hands down. They even had mini gyros made with mini pitas! And, the cucumber sauce (one of my favoritest foods ever) was divine.

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sikky said...

mhmmm... cucumber sauce. makes me miss the pita house! can we please go there after you move back and i come to visit? i miss you!