Wednesday, July 20

Ahhh....The Joys of Candid Photography

Did everyone see this picture on I think it's absolutely hilarious. Daddy's getting the big recommendation from the President and his son is dancing crazy in front of live television and the press. I didn't watch this on TV last night, but I'm guessing the kid wasn't on the screen. But, oh joy, check out the look he's getting from his mom. His sis is terrified and he's just like "Woo Hoo....dancing in front of "W" in my shorts set." I'm still giggling at it. How can you not? He's got a seersucker mini suit on and saddle shoes! And, he's totally supposed to be the well behaved political son...but instead he's chicken dancing. Gotta love it. Thanks Associated Press.

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Yes, this photo was great!