Monday, July 18

The Best Game Ever

This past weekend in GR I had a fabulous time seeing my friends and being in one of my most favorite places in the country.

Not only that, but I got to play what I will always call the "Best Game Ever", or until something else comes out that's better...but at this point, I think that's pretty near impossible. I think in total, I played this game almost 10 times in a two-day period.

The Settlers of Catan, manufactured by Mayfair Games, is the greatest game on Earth. It's a sort of combination between Monopoly, Risk, and demands some of the strategy of Chess.

Not only do I just love this game in theory. I also love winning this game, because when I do, I feel as if I really accomplished something. (p.s. I won 5 times this weekend...YIPPEE). You get to build roads, compete with your neighbor for ports, and trade resources. You get to build real estate, but also make deals for resources in order to do so.

If anyone has not played this game...YOU NEED TO DO SO IMMEDIATELY!

I just purchased my very own copy this morning. This game takes over your brain, even when you aren't playing it. It's kind of like in the early nineties when I used to play Sim City for hours on the computer. And then, when I would go to bed at night, I'd dream of buiding roads, placing my mayor's house, and deciding between light and heavy residential zoning. I've been dreaming of Settlers for two days now.

Emilie and my other Louisiana friends watch out. You will be playing the game with me soon AND you will love it.


Miss Julie said...

Can I have your Settlers of Catan game when you die? Mom and Dad aren't the only one who I'm making my wish lists for. :-)

bexala said...

Yes, I promise. But in order for me to document my intention to give it to you in my will, you have to promise to play with me whenever I ask.

Anonymous said...


Would Jim and I enjoy this game?