Friday, July 29

Can I Make You Dinner or Organize Your Closet?

It's been one of those weeks where I've been highly aware and observant to things in my life that happen specifically to people living alone and are self supporting.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, probably because I have no idea what I will be doing professionally in about a month. My boss is still trying to get a telecommuting position worked out, but there are no guarantees there. It is quite possible that in one month, I will be jobless and living my parents for an indefinite amount of time. I never thought I'd be here right now, not after the past year and the amazing job and promotion I got when I moved to Louisiana. But that's all going away and I feel as if I've taken a huge step backwards and are almost right back where I started a year ago, give or take all that experience I've gained (don't get too sad for me just yet).

It's kind of like when you're playing the board game Sorry and you hit one of those slide things, only mine is going backwards. Or, better yet, to use another favorite childhood game, I've hit one of the medium sized slides in Chutes and Ladders (I don't think I've hit the gigundo one quite yet. I still remain more optimistic than that.) But when things happen to you like this and you are miles away from anyone that knows you really well and that you want to "puke" all your unrealistic and desperate feelings on someone like that...what does one do?

I'm starting to think that this single life thing isn't always as attractive as I tell myself it is sometimes. I mean, it's great when it comes to always knowing whose bread crumbs are on the counter and that if the kitchen is dirty you don't have to passive aggressively hint to anyone but yourself. And, when you buy cookies, you never have to share and the package lasts a week! But, people need other people and often in close proximity. Which isn't something I've had a lot of lately. I tend to get really overwhelmed in situations like what I've got now when there isn't someone that I really trust around. I've got the romantic ideals in my head of me and Sallycat facing great odds, trekking out on our own, and conquering the world. But, alas, sometimes it'd be nice to have someone on that journey with me. I've been thinking a lot about community lately and its importance. Sometimes when I freak out, I have to reach out through the phone and email nationally to receive support. But we need tangible and tactile community, too, and the phone don't cut it in the same way. Sometimes a girl just needs someone to sit with her.

But, enough of that. This too shall pass and in a year, I'll look back and think "WOW! what a crazy time." That or I'll be bunking with the friends and family that are reading this, earning my keep preparing their meals and organizing their closets.

Becky's New Resume Objective Statement : To obtain a place to sleep in exchange for cooking meals and organizing closets.

Qualifications: 24 years of personal organization and 5 years of recipe collection

In other news:


Hmmmm....maybe I'll just become really good at that game and become a professional Settlers of Catan player and travel the world. I see a career developing. Oooooo! I need to work on my uniform.

P.S. I'm a bit frightened right now because when I spellchecked my entry, the suggested word for Catan was Satan. Get behind me Satan! This is the best game ever and you will not ruin it.


katherine said...

you can make me dinner AND organize my closet! or, you can just come visit and stay with me for a few days. i've got an extra bedroom and a couple of closets that could use some organization. and i've been sincerely missing your salsa and guacamole. i hear your schedule is a bit on the open side, so come on out! i'm serious. and i heart you, madly. ttyl.

katherine said...

one thing though... if you do come with your salsa and guac, please make sure the tortilla chips do not exceed 1 and 3/4 inches in diameter.
oh, good times at the usda.nrcs.ssi.
"water, being a fluid, is one of the blah blah blah blah......." sick.