Wednesday, July 27

The Gods Play Bingo

Do you ever have one of those weeks when you wonder if the Gods are playing bingo and your name was drawn out of the wire cage and they say...."yeah...let's mess with her"? This week has had several Becky moments, my friend Jen knows these well. They are the times when everything seems to be normal but just then things get really complicated and I get flustered and confused.

1. Yesterday. I left work in the morning because I wasn't feeling well. Fifteen minutes after I got home, settled into the couch for some rest, and was just dozing off--"MMA MMA MMA MMA..." Of course I choose the day to leave work when the apartment complex is testing the fire alarm system for two hours. The buzzers and elementary-school-fire-drillish alarms were definitely in high definition stereo. Sally cat is still walking around nervously hunkered down from one low-to-the-floor furniture piece to another.

2. Inspection Stickers. I know that I'm supposed to have an inspection sticker on my car from Louisiana. But I've avoided having it for the past 12 months, why can't I do it for another? I move home soon. Michigan doesn't require such things thanks to the lobbyists in the car industry. However, I refused to hand over another bit of money for an inspection after the state charged me $800 in import taxes to even put a license plate on my car. Well this morning, while getting a cup of coffee in the drive through, I was just about ready to order when a cop pulls up next to me and says "You don't have an inspection sticker." Cleverly I played dumb. "Huh?" Then she asks "Are you new here?" I said "yes" and I got off with a warning. It's my understanding that you can't get a ticket down here for that if you haven't done anything else illegal. But, FOR THE LOVE! With less than a month to go, I get informed while just trying to get a cup of joe. Meanwhile, during all of this, the lady on the loudspeaker at Starbucks keeps asking me "May I take your order...?" about six times totally frustrated. Then I had to go through the drive thru with all the Starbucks people thinking I'm a criminal.

Jen: "Is it Tuesday?"

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swtpmarie said...

Oh, just can't get away from those days. Hopefully they will be fewer and farther between once you get your self up to MI. Hope your week is going better!