Monday, July 25

So Now You Open It

After living in Louisiana for a year, they finally open a store at which I have a high level of interest in shopping. Whole Foods opened in Baton Rouge last week. I haven't been able to shop yet, because the parking lot has been so full, it's almost like Christmas Eve at the mall. But, I did get to grab a bite to eat on Friday with my girlfriends. They're prepared foods section was amazing. Mmmm....Mediterranean Orzo Chicken Pasta Salad.

Some people call this place Whole Paycheck. I can see why. I don't think I'll do all my shopping there, but they do have several items that I'd like to treat myself to now and then. Oh well, I guess it's Albertsons for a few more weeks and the disgusting smell of rotting seafood. Soon I will return to the joys of Meijer and D&W in G-Raps, not to mention Penzeys Spices and Woody's Market. of my life's greatest pleasures.

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