Wednesday, July 13

"Word" of the Day

Steatopygia - n. - an accumulation of a large amount of fat on the buttocks that occurs especially among women of some peoples of African descent —

Last night I hung out with my friend Mark from work. He pulled this word out of his hat and I was extremely impressed. Apparently his mom was talking about several young African American women she had seen around town with "shelf-like" bottoms. Then she used this word to describe what she saw. Mark describes his mother as brilliant...I can see why.

I love the English language and how there are words that describe things so clearly in several syllables.

Was this word the predecessor to booty?

I can hear the rappers now...."Back that steatopygia up!"


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The Writers Blog said...

What an anomalous (awesome) word! I love words and thought that I had a prodigous vocab, but of course there's always a new word hiding around the corner, waiting to jump out at me. Wow Steatopgia, yep, it's definitely a possibility for a rap! Steato + puge (rump) + ia, and now I know how to pronounce it.