Monday, July 11

You've got that Deer in the Hitch Cover Kinda Look

Today I drove home behind this completely authentic Louisiana Ford F-150 truck with this terrible deer head hitch cover. All the way home--all fifteen miles on the freeway going 30 mph because my work is making me work standard 8-5 hours so I have to drive in terrible rush hour traffic--both ways, uphill, in a torrential downpour, with no shoes, in blinding sun....(you get the drift--I miss flex-time.)

Anyways...not only was this thing completely's absolutely freaky after about 2 miles. It stared at me the whole way. This thing is no sweet Bambi lookalike. It looks legitimately angry and seems to say "I hate you for shoving a trailer hitch up my neck and that my head is completely disproportional to my antlers. What? Were you worried that my antlers would put someone's eye out? Well, you should have thought of THAT when you started sticking trailer hitches up places they don't belong!!!"

Oh and that reminds me. I'd like to take this special opportunity.

Dear Michigan Deer Hunters,

I will be moving home soon. Please save yourself the $17.95 and my sanity. Help me to never see one of these again.

Thank you.

Your BFF (best friend forever)


Miss Julie said...

I Googled "deer head hitch" and discovered that is selling this treasure for a sale price of $4 less than usual. And oh yeah, thanks you for your purchases, which allows them to make donations in support of their mission to promote literacy. Seriously.

And because I feel like it: Let's hope Snow White doesn't eat the poison apple this time.

swtpmarie said...

Oooohhhh Becky. How we long with eager anticipation for you to be home soon! Can't wait to pick you up curbside from the GR airport!