Thursday, August 11

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Jetta Gone?

I took my Jetta into the dealership yesterday for some work. They were unable to finish it in one day and arranged a rental for me.

Blue 2003 Jetta Wagon = Buick Lacrosse????


The bucket seats in this thing are wide enough to seat three people. Not too mention, I feel like I should have "Wide Load" on the back of my car. This thing is huge!

What's even worse is that this morning, I was even dissed by a potato chip delivery truck who chose to change lanes at a stop light so that he didn't have to be behind a granny car. Only I'm allowed to judge like that....I WILL NOT BE JUDGED FOR THIS RIDICULOUS CAR.

I would have preferred a tiny Ford Fiesta, Hyandai Accent, or one of those geeky Aspires. I don't do well with a comfort wagon.

I want my cute, zippy, and cobalt Jetta back STAT! That or I'm going to put a sign in the window that says, "Just Renting" or "I didn't choose this!"


Miss Julie said...

Oh ho! My sis is driving a Buick?! Unbelievable. Do take a picture of yourself. Your future children might enjoy the laugh someday as much as I am right now.

swtpmarie said...

Oh Ray-beccca! Just try to imagine yourself in the Chrysler. You'll get your little blue baby back soon...and you'll be trapped in her for hours at a time a WEEK from now! No more Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A Buick. A real Michigan car. Or, at least it use to be. Our economy needs a healthy auto industry so sing its praises, my dear!

Alas, as a Michigander I still feel guilty purchasing a Japanese car last year! And, in all honestly, I'm not old enough to drive a Buick! : )
BW in GR