Saturday, October 1

Currently in Morgantown

I know Katherine is going to be terribly upset with me because I drove through Caraopolis yesterday on my way to Morgantown, WV to see my friend Shay. However, Katherine, before you think that I don't love you or that I didn't want to see you, let me explain.

I was supposed to go camping this weekend in Michigan. But, then my folks decided that they'd rather go to West Virginia. And, I was all " friend Shay lives there....please drop me off on your way to central West Virginia to visit relatives." And, they were all, "yes, we can do that." And I replied "great, grand, good."

So I am currently in Morgantown overhearing chants of "Go Mounties" in the distance because apparently I chose the biggest rival home game of the year to be here, WVU vs. Virginia Tech.

Now, I know Katherine that I haven't really addressed why I didn't attempt to see you. But know this, I will come to Pittsburgh alone in the next month or so and visit only you, I absolutely promise. If I do not, then may I be categorized your mind as the same as those whose terrible writing we used to edit at the blessed SSI.

We're going ot be participating in a bit of Karaoke this evening...documentation soon.


katherine said...

hey bex...
how dare you drive through cory and not stop to see me!! i'm furious.

actually, i understand. i wish i could have seen you, and i realize that sometimes things just don't work out. and i am fully confident that you will come see me soon. plus i wasn't here anyhow. :D call me soon to set up your visitation. i heart you!

Sarah said...

Um, let's just say...if you come through Pittsburgh, Katherine had better not be the only person you see!

bexala said...

No my dear could I forget you!