Friday, November 4

How to Annoy Me: Part Deux

Start playing Christmas music on the radio beginning November 1st.

What the heck 100.3 FM?

I am so not ready to hear John Lennon and his off-key children's choir singing "A Very Merry Christmas......And a Happy New Year" WHEN IT'S TWO MONTHS AWAY. Nor is anything worth Feliz Navidading or Jingle Belling quite yet. And I would also wager that Mommy has not even thought of kissing Santa Claus.

Hold on to those reindeer folks and back the truck up...we've got a month or so left.

It is very unfortunate that we've never really developed any sort of pilgrim or turkey music. That would put an end to all of this. So all you musicians out there, I've identified a niche for your fill...go at it. In the mean time:

Dear 100.3 FM:

I think you are ridiculous. Please reconsider your choice about the Christmas music and I may continue to listen to your soft rock favorites of yesterday and today.


P.S. Please take the Delilah show off the air, too. Playing songs I danced to in 6th grade with romantic dedications makes me gag.


Miss Julie said...

Yes, I, too, suffered through some 100.3 holiday ditties on Nov. 1. I flipped through long enough to discover Alan Almond behind the mic laughing himself into a tithy because he'd just eaten jelly beans before he spun everyone's favorite Carpenter holiday music: "Merry Christmas, Darling." MMMMmmmmm.

kristinknits said...

Seriously! How about waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, people?

Emilie said...

100.3 reminds me of the orthodonist. I don't listen to it while I am in town because it makes my teeth hurt!