Monday, November 7

$7.50 Skirt...I Heart You and I'm Fit for a Catalog

There is nothing better than shopping for clothes under $10 and finding some. This weekend, I found some fabulous sales and scored two new skirts, two new shirts, and a new pair of jeans for a grand total of just under $75.00. There's something about wearing your new clothes and being able to pair them with other things you own, looking in the mirror and thinking..."wow, I feel as if this outfit could be in a catalog." This is directly opposite of how I sometimes feel instead-- "wow, this shirt is incredibly wrinkled and faded, I'm not sure why I keep wearing it...ah well...time to go."

Of course, there are reasons not to want to look like you are in a catalog. I sometimes get confused as to why there are people dressed up all preppy with oxford shirts, riding boots, argyle sweater vests, and corduroy jackets eating smores in the woods. This is typically in J. Crew Catalogs. Though I do love the J. Crew, I find it hard to believe people actually wear those sorts of clothes on camping trips. Usually when people go camping they have their favorites, as in the case of my father who insists on wearing this white faded University of Michigan sweatshirt circa 1988. However, somehow that shirt just doesn't make the marshmallows look as delicious as a salmon colored cabled sweater vest and oversized cardigan with leather elbow patches. Perhaps I should plan some kind of camping trip where everyone I know get's all yuppied out and we'll feel grand. Until then, I guess it will be wrinkled shirts for me...except for when I'm wearing my new clothes around town and feel catalog worthy (or until they get wrinkled).

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