Wednesday, November 16

How to Prevent Being Miserable

One day when you think it will be a great idea to go to graduate school because education is so valuable and you think it will be novel and responsible of you to get a master's degree in public administration, DON'T. Keep watching The OC instead.

That way you won't be stuck at the library all day writing a 20-page research paper that's due tomorrow that you haven't even started writing. If someone showed up at this library right now and told me to get in the car and drive to Mexico, I totally would. Bring on the Coronas with lime.


Emilie said...

I'll join you if you pick me up. I'm on the way.

swtpmarie said...

did someone say Corona and warm weather??? Get me outta here! I hope the paper goes well along with the presentation on Friday!!! I'm thinking of you!