Wednesday, November 16

The Sister Strikers Come to Town

So bowling was a blast again on Monday, even though most of us had sore body parts from last week. My soreness is in the form of what I like to call "bowler's callous" on my thumb. Somehow I always get it a blistery type deal on the inside side of my thumb and I always end up destroying my fingernail from the holes in the ball.

This week had other me having the third highest women's score in the league last week. I should also mention that there are only about 5 women in the league. You can still celebrate my success. I still smell terrific. And, I also won what is called the "mystery." After you play a game, the people at the front desk call out numbered chips that correspond to bowling scores. If they draw yours, you win a mystery prize--this week it was $13.50. Aw yea, I'm rolling in the dough.

I was able to dig out my Sister Strikers shirt to wear along with my sis. The shirts were purchased a few Christmases ago for me and Jules by Scott. We even have matching bowling shoes. I don't usually wear pink, but in this case I make an exception. We even got compliments from some of the regulars at the alley.

Another enjoyable part of bowling is consuming large amounts of greasy snack bar grub. I will close with half of Bryan's sandwich. I normally don't eat grease like this, but when you embrace the grease on your ball, the lane, and your hands from the might as well in your stomach as well.

So ends another fine week of El Cheapo bowling. I'm $13.50 richer and just a bit greasier than I was before.

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katherine said...

you joined a bowling league?!?! wow. go canton.