Monday, December 12

Adventures with Morty

This morning I exited our house through the garage only to find a puddlish mound of animal droppings dead center outside the door. Yek. I looked to the left to see all the garbage shredded to pieces. A few weeks ago, we had shredded garbage and thought an animal must have just come in for a snack. However, it looks as if it may have taken up residence now.

Let's call the little bugger Morty.

This may sound like just a nuisance, but for a girl who's whole life is packed in boxes that are stored in the same said garage, it can be a bit nerve wracking. I can only imagine what Morty is doing to all my housewares. Just stay away from the kitchen gadgets Morty otherwise we're going to be in a big fight!

The joy in all of this (I'm always looking for the little joys of being 25 and squatting with your parents) is that when I saw the Morty puddle, I just ran back in the house and told my dad about the problem. Then I promptly left the scene of the Yek and went to the library to write my last paper for the semester. When you're a girl on your own, you have to deal with the puddle. When there are others more senior than can alert and move on.


swtpmarie said...

I hate small rodents that chew things up and leave their YEK in not so nice places. I hope your Morty hasn't found your boxes-o-stuff!

katherine said...

true true. harold (my church mouse) has left little YEKS on my desk a few times. sick sick sick sick sick.
hope your blender's okay.
love you.

Emilie said...

lemony orzo, tomato, feta and shrimp bake?.....Do you love me? If you do, you will bring some down for me :)

Marie said...

Well, I hope morty understands that he is up against Bex. I hope Morty does not try and bring a date home to said garage and get it on in one of your pots! Ah bex, you never fail to make me giggle. "Alert and move on". That is funny. Nick had to help my step dad, rob, kill a racoon recently. He had to bash it in the head while rob held it down. Let's hope morty did not meet a similar fate.