Wednesday, December 14

Swish This

Most of you remember swishy pants girl. Well last night, in my final class of the semester she not only did the jiggly leg thing for 3 hours, she also proceeded to tap out a drum beat on her desk top. Of course this wouldn't be a problem if it were break time or maybe before or after class. But no, this occurred in fact DURING five presentations our classmates were delivering.

No amount of "aheming" on my part made any difference whatsoever.

But, it gets better.

At one point she became so twitchy that she proceeded to latch onto the front edge of her table and rock it back and forth. This lasted approximately 12 minutes. (I timed it using my cell phone.)

Swish. Swish. Swish. da da dum. Swish. da da dum. AND NOW TIME FOR ROCKING!

There are many reasons I am thrilled to be done with another semester of graduate school. Two of the top three consist of lack of swishy pantsness and table rockage.

"Hey swishy pants girl...your middle school band teacher called...he wants his percussion section back."


Marie said...

if you had one more class, I would advise you to loosen the legs on her desk and chair and use your cell phone timer to see how long it takes for her to bite the dust. That is worse than someone who has a voice who carries across the classroom tells a REALLY boring story about thier weekend. If you are going to force me to listen to you at least talk about something semi interesting.

Reshae said...

thanks for your help in locating my percussion section. i am eternally greatful.
-middle school band teacher

Anonymous said...

Amusing story! Maybe you should think about a writing career!