Sunday, December 18

Learning New Skills

I've been spending time with my pops in his wood shop lately learning to use the lathe. A few weeks ago I made my first pen and today I made a rolling pin from a block of wood. I can't believe how much fun it is to do this kind of thing. I'm really excited about this new hobby. I would very much like to graduate to turning wood bowls. My dad works part time in a wood working store that has occasional classes available on turning. If I'm still around these parts in January, I'm going to take a bowl turning class. It is my hope to make a set of salad bowls some day. How cool would that be?

I've always romanticized about building my own furniture. Secretly I want to be a carpenter. I think that would be a really interesting job.

Anyways, here's a picture of Sally cuddling next to my first big project. I'll spare you from a picture of me in the wood working smock, face shield, and dust mask....even though I totally looked hot.


Anonymous said...

Well, multi-talented lady, I want to see the photo of you in your working garb!

Since I don't own a rolling pin I'm just sure I'll find it in my Xmas stocking. ho ho ho!


kristinknits said...

Wow! I am impressed. : )

Miss Julie said...

Copycat. I always wanted to be a carpenter, too, and since I'm older than you you can only be up to your usual younger-sister stunts: trying to be me.

Love the rolling pin, though.

Marie said...

I think you should be a writer, I'm serious. You are so funny! and sweet at the same time, a hard combo to nail.. Love you