Friday, December 30

Happy New Year (a bit early)

School's been out for a few weeks, so I've been enjoying my evenings once again. This probably explains my lack of blog postings as well because there is nothing to procrastinate from. So never fear everyone, once school begins in a few short weeks, there will be blog posts a plenty!

I've been watching Lost Season 1 all week long. I think I'm on about the 15th episode or so. This show is completely addicting, not to mention haunting. I've been having crazy dreams about Ethan abducting me in the night all week. But he bit the dust last night on the show so my sleep last night was peaceful.

For the new year I'm headed down to Louisiana to see some friends. There are plans to make paella, which I'm very excited about. This is a traditional Spanish rice dish that I absolutely adore. I had it the first time in college when my roommate Becca made it for us upon her return from Honduras. Since then I've only had it at San Chez, my favorite restaurant in GR. But this weekend I will make it for myself--I just need to dig out my saffron from a box in the garage. That might take a while.

Speaking of the garage, it looks like Morty has left us, that or he has taken up residence in one of my casseroles. But it appears he was only a resident for a short while.

Here's wishing everyone a safe new year! I should have some fun pics to post next week. Get excited...I already am.


Pig Pig said...

I can't wait to see you!

Marie said...

I hope you had an awesome christmas and I'm sad that morty is no longer around. I was looking forward to stories about him. I'm glad your watching lost, I'm totally addicted too. Some of the theories people have are interesting too. Stephen King wrote a really intersting article about Lost in Entertainment weekly. love you

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful time visiting your friends in LA. Are you back yet? : )


katherine said...