Wednesday, January 25

Ain't Life Grand?....Haven

Well it's official, I've been offered the job in Grand Haven and I've taken it! After all the crazy sadness and mixed emotions these past few months about where my life was headed, I'm happy to report that I'm headed where I planned to five months ago when I came back from Louisiana...West Michigan. I'm feeling pretty grand right now....maybe it's because it's in the name of the town.

I can't wait to open my boxes of belongings. It's going to be like Christmas. Hopefully Morty won't be discovered when I've written him off for so many months. Let the house searching commence...and bring on the celebratory cocktails!


Jennifer Ellen said...

Let me be the first on your blog to congratulate you! I am sooooo excited and can't wait to have you back in West Michigan and to come visit you and the Lake this summer!

Reshae said...

I'M SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU've certainly waited LONG enough, and you deserve every bit of it...way to knock their socks the end of the week my ass!!
love ya!!

Katie Robiadek said...


Marie said...

Good Job!! You are right back where you started hmm? Ah West Michigan, people don't leave, they just boomerang out for awhile.