Sunday, February 5

Back to the Real World

So tomorrow is the day for which I've been waiting for over 5 months now. Tomorrow I will begin a new job and next weekend, thankfully, I will have my own house. It's been a full past week and half. I've been scouring Grand Haven for a house and have ended up where I was trying not to end an apartment complex. I had found the close to perfect first floor in a house, right down town, 2 blocks from work, wood floors, etc. But, I waited too long to nab it because I was a bit intimidated by the price. I had all these visions of grandeur--like how I would walk to work each day, ride my red bicycle to the farmer's market on weekends placing my vegetables in the attached wire basket on the front of my bicycle, and how I'd buy little bags of groceries from the adorable market on Washington Ave (main street in town). But, I will return to apartment complex living once more and forget those least for now. BUT! I will still wear my favorite red sneakers when I go to the farmer's market in my Jetta on Saturdays and I will still walk to the adorable market after work and buy groceries to put in my Jetta and drive home.

Here are several perks about the apartment I am going to live in:

1. 1/2 mile from the Lake Michigan shore and a quaint community beach that's much more private than the state park.

2. Washer and dryer....mmmmmm....fabric softener smell in my that.

3. Beautifully large kitchen with built in pantry

4. I can paint the walls in the apartment and the complex is okay with that. I'm thinking red accent wall here I come.

5. Having my own key to a place again instead of my car key with a key to my parents' house only. I have officially stopped being pathetic for this reason.

6. A lovely spare bedroom with a really nice queen size bed for visitors (this means you).

7. Wooded views with lots of deer (so I've been told by Sheila at the complex).

8. I get to open all my boxes that have been on hiatus (I guess this isn't really the apartment but more of an I'm on my own let's celebrate it statement...but deal with's going to be like Christmas and I can't wait).

9. Lots of counters for me to cook and prep food upon! I'm going to make a yummy pot of gumbo should come over.

10. Did I mention that I'm not going to live with my parents anymore? Yea....that. (I should assert that they are really great people...I just love to live alone and I won't have to be disgusted by the newspapers all over the kitchen island putting whatever it is that newspapers have on them on the counters.)

I'm sure this list will continue. But for now...time for sleeping. It kind of feels like the night before school starts and I'm but a girl of 13. Let's hope not...I couldn't bear to have my hair look like it did when I was 13 for my first day of work. I think they'd take one look at my attempted to be brushed natural curl frizz afro and reevaluate their decision to hire me.


katherine said...

hey bex! i hope your first day is going well! hopefully you don't get this until afterwards... checking your blog on your first day of your new job is probably poor form. congratulations again! you'll do great!

Marie said...

Your comment was so cute! Dan in RVD with his little hand raised. Aww yes. I think we are going to be in GR not this weekend but the next, the weekend of the 18th. so if you are around and not too busy I'd love to come hang out. And I'll DEFINETELY be there this summa and we can chill at the beach and make fun of all the college kids (but secretly be TOTALLY jealous). Love you and congrats on your new digs! You shoudl have a housewarming partay!