Sunday, January 15

Because She Lives--The Joys of Online Learning

Swishy pants girl showed up yesterday in the first class for my online course. For the first week you meet face-to-face and from then on it's cyberland. I knew there was a reason I could embrace online learning.

Tonight we made a very delicious dinner here at the family headquarters. We bought some breaded red snapper filets with Caribbean seasoning and then I made some risotto primavera to go with it. I adore risotto. This creamy rice never disappoints and I topped it with some sauteed asparagus and yellow squash.

I re-learned how to knit last night thanks to my sis, Miss Julie. I'm starting with something small, a dish cloth. We'll see how that turns out. I haven't worked on it since last night under her supervision, so it could all unravel in front of my eyes very quickly. (Yes, that cheesy pun was intended).

Here's a pic of my progress. Please admire the lovely colors in the yarn as I do:

In other crafty news, it sounds like I might get some private bowl turning lessons this winter from a buddy of my pops. This would mean that not only could I make rolling pins on the lathe, I could also turn out sets of bowls, which is great because I always admire beautiful wooden bowls in stores.


Reshae said...

look at you...full of hobbies. nice work!! and good luck on the pot the colors. also..can't believe that 'swishy-pants-girl' was at your class. i suppose it's not too much of a surprise b/c she's probably on the same class-track that you are but, yes...thank goodness for online learning!! soo good to talk to you the other day. can't wait to hear about your job interview. i haven't checked my email about that phone number...a little afraid to hehe but it's next on my to-do list for tonight. ;)

Duby said...

whats up norrix? Just popping in to say hi. What are you getting your masters in and what job might you be getting?

I'll be praying that everything works out best for you (like it won't even if I don't pray, but I'll still do it cause you rock).

Jennifer Ellen said...

Bex, I am so impressed with your handiwork. We should stitch and bit-- together sometime. Hope to talk to you soon. Still working on the blog thing. I think I might just start a new. I just need to come up with a catchy title....Later.

swtpmarie said...

Feel free to let me know how the interview went and if there's a 2nd one soon!!! I've been thinking of you all day and saying a little prayer. Are you liking Blue Like Jazz?

Marie said...

Decisions are hard. But it sounds like you made the right one. I'm cheerin for you!