Friday, January 13

Too Many Decisions With Too Little Information

This has been a week of confusion. Up to about five minutes ago I was registered for a full-load of grad classes, of which I have now dropped a class. There are several reasons for this--reasons that are all based upon, in my opinion, very limited information. But they are reasons enough that I had to make a decision...because if I didn't decide something, I was likely to be consumed with crazy. And lately, I've been all stocked up on crazy. I'm looking for some even keeled sanity right about now. Does this even exist? Well that's another post all together.

I had another interview this week. I think it went pretty well actually and will hear next week if I am one of the chosen two to make it to the next round. Let's say I do get this job, this would require moving to West Michigan. That would take both time and money, both of which I don't have much of lately. And, if I did start to work full time, it'd be crazy to have signed up for a full-load of grad classes when starting a new position. I'd probably have to drop a class anyway. And, today was the last day to drop with 100% refund in tuition.

I bought my books for school this week. Maybe it's been a while since I bought books for a full load semester, but when the total rang up in the bookstore, I thought I felt a blood vessel burst in one of my eyes because they bugged out so much. To make matters worse, my prof last night snickered at how much the books for her class cost and how she just HAD to require 4 texts for the course! When I paid for my books, I just about told the clerk to forget it, I really didn't need them after all. I have been online and found some of them a bit cheaper, but goodness! I haven't paid this much since I was but a girl of 18 and thought I was a pre-med major. Those books were expensive like these ones. So now that refund in tuition can pay for the new library of books that my profs probably won't even require us to use.

I do feel some better after making this decision. Sometimes it just feels good to make a decision and stop weighing options that you aren't sure are really options yet but could be. I really hope for some clarity soon. Maybe this decision is the catalyst to get me there.

In other news, I did get to attend the January Series at Calvin today. It was really enjoyable. I didn't know too much about the speaker and author, Lauren Winner, but thoroughly enjoyed her honest and at times sarcastic dealings with what I believe were all true statements about the Church and chastity. Oh, and I really liked her glasses--fabulous.


Marie said...

Did you go out to GR with some friends to go to the Jan. series.

bexala said...

No. I was in town in GR for grad school that week and was free during the day. I took advantage of that freedom and checked out the January series.