Wednesday, March 15

It IS a Small World After All

Or, maybe that was just my claustrophobia after that ride and not being able to stop singing that song for three hours after the ride. Another favorite music hit included the song from the Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom..."There's a great big beautiful tomorrow.....shining at the end of every day...."

I spent the last week in Orlando with my family. This will be the last trip we ever take without the next generation of Noricks' being present. My sister is currently pregnant and the little bun in the oven is due sometime in September. So what better way to enjoy our last trip as adults only but to go to Disney World? This makes very little sense at all but we did it anyway. I will say this however, I won't be returning to Disney World any time soon. After doing all four parks in a five-day span, the last place I want to be for a while is an amusement park. If I have to walk behind one more triplewide stroller or have my Achilles tendon rammed by another electric cart for persons incapable of walking, someone is going down!

But it was a great week with my family....some of my favoritest people on Earth.

Here are some photo highlights:

My sis and her hubby Scott rented a convertible for the week. Since I spent most of my days with them I got to enjoy it, too.

Jules and me at the Philharmagic 3-D Movie which was one of my favorite things at the parks. The Bugs Life movie at Animal Kingdom was also highly enjoyable.

Scott and Jules on the Astro Orbiter. Notice my sister's clenched hands...she's not a spinny ride person.

Me, Pooh, and the sibs. I'm almost frightened by how much my bro and I look alike here. Jules wasn't exactly camera ready in this pic, so I apologize in advance, Jules, for including it.

Mum and Tigger.

And Last my not absolute favorite pic, of which I will always get razzed about by my pops...... (it's a well known fact that my dad NEVER smiles in pictures....but somehow he found it in him).


I pointed at my father for a picture and Piglet was happy to oblige. I'm thinking of using this pic as a Christmas card next year. It's classic.


Reshae said...

love the bad he 'belongs' to someone..haha.

looks like fun pics too from family trip time. but i hear ya about needing some time away from, but i'm not even sure i'm gonna take my kids there...perhaps if we were 5 yrs old we'd appreciate it a little more! glad you're back home safely and hope being back at work has been good!

Miss Julie said...

Seriously, sis, do you think you could have found any scarier pictures of me? Remind me to return the favor sometime.

Perhaps you need to add this warning to your post: "Readers frightened by photos of pudgy sisters with overly prominent chins and messy hair should not continue reading."

It was a good trip, though, even if I do look like a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Great photo of your dad and his friend!

katherine said...

bex, your blogskills are slipping. it's been far too long. don't leave us hanging.