Saturday, April 1

This is No April Fools

It was just a normal April day of geocaching with my sis and bro-in-law.

Though there were some strange signs along the way...we kept on trekking.

We were not frightened by the tripping hazards, nor the warm water discharge.

No...we kept trekking. And, in Scott's the depths of the ocean...a.k.a. Lake Michigan.

This was not a day for wimps.

Some might say that it was a day for fools.

But, my sister and I and the three people on the P.J. Hoffmaster beach who witnessed this great feat...knew that indeed it was a day for champions.

Even though champions might turn all red, chapped and numb for two hours afterwards.

May it also be said that these two great people featured above will be bringing twinsies into the world in September(ish) and you may view their pictures here. I lovingly like to refer to them as the "doublemints." I'm going to be an aunt...hopefully the crazy one! But, not the one who collects too many cats. Sally is my limit, thank you and good day.


Miss Julie said...

I know Scott would like your readers to know that after his dip he looked online and discovered that the surface temperature of Lake Michigan water that day was a balmy 34 degrees. He's a fool in April and most other times, too, but that's just one of his charms.

Reshae said...

application for 'crazy aunt' results : passed with flying colors!!!

Marie said...

You are gonna be a twin Aunt!! How awesome is that! Your gonna be great. I read all your new blogs and saw all your pics, how fun that you went to Disney world? Mmmm yes. I had that song in my head forever too, it's a great big beautiful tommorow indeed. That ride is kinda low tech, but really cute. I also love the buzz lightyear ride, that's good times man. So I'm so happy for you , you sound so good. We'll be in GR on easter weekend, will you? Love you tons