Sunday, April 9

I'm Finally Adjusted

I don't know about any of you, but the time change last week was killing me. Several days I just slept through my alarm to wake up an hour past my still buzzing alarm and realize...YIKES I should be at work two minutes ago. But I think I've finally adjusted so we'll see how the waking goes this week. (And now after reading that title I think some of you might think I was announcing I was adjusted psychologically....ummm...I think I've always been that.)

In other news:

I received my very first "reward" from Discover Card. It only took me three years to earn $20. That's pretty pathetic. I decided to take one of their offers of a gift certificate to a store, thus increasing my reward to $25 at the Gap. I'm hoping to get some new white t-shirts for summer. This wardrobe staple is my signature in the summertime.

Today I'm going to celebrate my mentor Barb's birthday. I'll spare you the age for her sake. But she always told me that life begins at 40, so no matter how much above that it really doesn't matter. She's practically my age! I'm very excited to see her and celebrate with her. I've planned a very special gift I know she'll love.

So, three more weeks to go on my grad school semester. I have two more big papers, a presentation, and a statistics assignment left. I can almost taste April 27 when everything will be completed and I can play for the summertime. I can't wait to actually have hobbies again for a few months. I'm planning on cooking a lot this summer and I'd really like this blog to do what I originally intended--to be a place for me to post pictures and recipes for things I'm cooking, eating and drinking. I also want to spend some time outdoors this summer hiking in different parts of Michigan. I've dug out my backpacking in Michigan book and plan to take a few trips, either solo or with a friend or two.

In swishy pants girl news, I did have a face-to-face class last weekend for my online section. Thankfully I managed to sit across the room--fully avoiding the swishiness. Phew.

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