Thursday, November 9

Somebody Call The Doctor...

Quinn, that is!

Jane Seymour was a keynote at the recent annual conference I helped plan at work. I feel rather unattractive in the photo, she's just as lovely as she looks on TV.


Jennifer Ellen said...

Unattracive? Whatever! You're beautiful!

katherine said...

oh my gosh! you're back on blogspot! hooray! and taking pictures with michaela quinn, m.d. was sully there? he was my favorite. :)
anyway, in keeping with our new plan of updating via third parties rather than talking to each other:
my classes started again for grad school. it's crazy but fascinating.
other stuff is mostly good.
i'm coming home for thanksgiving and I WANT TO SEE YOU. call me!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Sully have a pet wolf?