Sunday, November 12

Where I Admit to Listening to Christmas Music in November

Yep. It's on in the background right beloved Harry Connick, Jr., or HCJ as I lovingly refer to him. "Just hear those sleigh bells jinglin..."

I really can't believe that I broke down two weeks prior to when it is reasonable to do anything Christmas. I've clearly broken one of my rules. But, I'm planning on making these fun homemade holiday food gifts for co-workers and I went supply shopping yesterday with Jen and when I came home I was in the mood. With all the fun Christmas patterned Chinese food take-out boxes and ribbons around, all a girl wants to do is get crafty and deck those halls.

You've probably noticed I've posted more this week than I have in the past 3 months. Let's consider the possibilities why: (1) I have been truly inspired to write lately; (2) I have tons of news to share; (3) I have a grad school deadline this week. If you voted for (3), you're the big winner. Oh's a big grant proposal and it's due Thursday! Yep...I'm back kids and it's purely based on procrastination, didn't want to disappoint you.

You'll notice the ad to the right about Ann Coulter. If you care about women's issues at all, I encourage you to take a look at and sign a petition that makes a lot of sense. Please join me in standing up to ridiculous women in the world like Coulter who are working against the steps strong and intelligent women have taken in the battle for women's rights. The joke of Coulter is that she has a platform to speak and be heard as a woman and she doesn't realize that the ability to do the very things she does is a gift from the strong women before her.

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katherine said...

hello! i'll be in g-raps from wednesday morning until monday afternoon. i hope we can make it work!! too long for katherine.