Monday, November 13

To Have and Have Not

I watched this film was perfection. Bogart was so young and sexy and Bacall was smart and striking. It was full of the witty banter I love in classic films. I can't believe I haven't seen this yet, but somehow I made the time, even with my deadline for grad school this week.

It was the witty banter...I couldn't stop watching.


katherine said...

hello, hello. i just got your comment on my blog. as per our recent conversation, yes, i'd love to have dinner with you on sunday night. i don't know where spring lake is. i could probably find it if you gave me directions. i have to borrow my mom's car. (i know, lame-o. but when you fly into town, that's what you do.) but i have to borrow it whether we go to san chez or spring lake, and i know how you love to cook. i'm up for either. let me know!

swtpmarie said...

A. I can't believe YOU of all people are listening to Christmas music. And BEFORE Thanksgiving.

B. You're blogging again! I like thtat you make a bloggins!

C. I want you to cook for me!

D. I will let you listen to Christmas music now, but only because it's Harry and we all know about your secret poster...I mean crush. ;)

Marie said...

Grant was Dumbo, pretty cute.. anyways, Lauren b. is like teh most beautiful woman ever! Also they totally had this torrid love affair and he was like thirty years older or something. She was like eighteen whne they met! SCANDAL

Marie said...

I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT FALL! I have been complaining for like three months. HELLO! The supposed GOOD THING about MI is our four seasons. I disagree. We have Winter and Summer and two weeks of "fall" and two weeks of "spring". And all four of those weeks are usually rainy!