Sunday, December 10

Holiday Gifty Goodness

This year, I decided to make my co-workers holiday themed take-out boxes filled with yummy homemade holiday food goodness. They will receive their bundles tomorrow morning. Here's a run down of what was included in each:

Sally inspects the collection. She gave the presentation four paws up I can assure you.

Sugared Cranberries - These are a Cooking Light recipe I've been saving since 2002. The process was fairly simple. You make a simple sugar syrup, soak the cranberries overnight in the syrup and then roll them in a superfine sugar to coat.

Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix - This mix is really simple and contains a vanilla bean inside to flavor the pancake mix. I also included the recipe and some maple syrup.

Almond Croquant - This is a simple French candy with almonds. It's a better alternative to fattier pralines because it only contains sugar, water and almonds.

Lemon Ginger Biscotti - Probably my favorite of the bunch! I can't believe I've never made biscotti before. These delightfully crunchy cookies are so delicious I almost don't want to give them away. They contain crystallized ginger and fresh lemon zest. Delicious!

Hope everyone has a tasty holiday!


Leonard said...

You are incredible!

Reshae said...

there are no words to describe your amazingness. so crafty, so much thought and taste...i seriously have no words. except for the ones that i've already used in this comment.

but really, you continue to amaze me:)

katherine said...

wow! does being an old co-worker qualify me for a holiday-themed goody basket?