Monday, December 11

Open Letter to Citi PremierPass Card Marketers

Dear Citi PremierPass Credit Card Marketers,

Last month when I subscribed to two free issues of Real Simple magazine and thought it would be funny to have them sent to my cat instead of to my attention, I had no idea you would be stupid enough to buy their distribution list and do this:

For the record, my lovely feline might actually yell at me like a human when I'm not home enough or even communicate in ways that I understand better than some of the human beings I run into on this earth, but she by no means qualifies for a $100 gift card and up to $10,000 of credit if she applies today.

You have taken credit card marketing a bit to far. All Sally really wanted was to give me the distinct pleasure of a giggle when my complimentary magazines arrived addressed to her. She knew how much I liked it when I got my Crate and Barrel catalog the other day addressed to her, too.

But this, this is too much and I think you are even more annoying than usual.

A concerned citizen with a cat with a potential line of credit higher than her own


swtpmarie said...

That is hilarious! Sally with a credit she won't have to wait for you to pass out catnip. She can just buy the whole company. :) Very roomies get tons of letters like that while me, not so much. And that's just fine.

CreditGooroo said...

In my opinion, “cat’s credit” is the one of the stupidest thing of the World. I’ll try to make such present for my Mom’s cat… You know… Just for fun.