Wednesday, December 13

Let Santa Eat Candy Canes

If you are going to visit Santa at the mall, you might as well feed him a candy cane while you are there. My staff from work had a Holiday Extravaganza this morning and afternoon. We started the day off at Frederick Meijer Gardens and then went to a pottery painting studio for some artsy fun. Right before we left we realized Santa didn't have any customers and he let us all get a complimentary pose with him if we had our own camera. I haven't had my picture with Santa since I was about 2-years-old. He offered me his lap and I understandably declined. Instead I thought it might be fun to mix it up a bit and make him eat one of the candy canes in his basket.

Some of you have been asking for pics of my neices. Here's a few from Thanksgiving - Gracie and my pops and then me with Meg:


Reshae said...

looks like your 'staff day' was quite the hit...i still can't believe you got a whole day. we get the afternoon on friday and it's a guaranteed fact that we won't have a Santa Clause. SOOO JEalous:):

and the babies are too precious.:) yaya auntie.

Miss Julie said...

Hey. I like that I can come to see pictures of my girls on your blog since I'm too busy/lazy to post them on my own.