Wednesday, January 24

Friends Forever

My nephew - Zachary Isaac - was born last week on Wednesday. I met him last weekend and he agreed that we should definitely watch Saved by the Bell on DVD together. And, if the little guy demands a cell phone the size of a walkie talkie and a cardboard cutout of Kelly Kapowski for his closet, I'll be more than happy oblige as his aunt. It's the little things you can do for your nieces and nephews that really matter. This will definitely guarantee that we will forever be "Friends Forever."

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swtpmarie said...

Congrats Aunt Bex! He looks like his daddy...quite proud of that I'm sure. Hope you're well. I will not be able to make the appetizer/game extravaganze this weekend. Packing is my game this time. Sorry! Give me a call sometime though...ok? Miss you!