Monday, January 29

These Are a Few of My Favorite New Things

Since the holidays I have been so fortunate as to acquire a few new items around the house - many of which I've been coveting for a long time. Three are gifts, one is homemade, two are fun purchases, two were offered to me and one appeared naturally. Here is the run down...(ahem)...clockwise from the top left:

1. Gift - Pottery Barn Cheese Plates - A gift from my brother-in-law for Christmas, this set of four vintage look cheese plates made me giggle with glee. Not only do I love cheese, love vintage label art and asked for them specifically for Christmas, they also filled the plate rack in my kitchen that has been sitting empty for some time. Note: the fourth plate - a green one - does not fit in the rack and is currently taking up residency in the cupboard. The plates read: "Camembert Superieur"; "Bumble Bee Brie"; and "Five Point Cheese Company: Parmigiano Reggiano." Perfect.

2. Homemade - A funky green tablecloth with ball fringe (my absolute favorite sewing notion) that I made with the careful assistance of the Joanie (aka my mother). She's trying to teach me to sew and this being the simplest thing a girl can make, it was a good starting project. I really enjoyed the project because it's very fun to actually pick out the fabric you like for something to make it as opposed to being limited to what manufacturers are putting out there. And, did I mention the ball fringe? No really...did you see the ball fringe? I love the ball fringe. I think I'll say it one more time..."ball fringe."

3. Purchase - I've been coveting this green leaf serving platter at Target for some time now. This weekend I was at Target with my friend Rachel and it was marked down to $5. I purchased it immediately. I'm seeing some lovely sushi or bruschetta on it in the future.

4. Gift/Offered - I received The Silver Spoon, one of the greatest Italian cookbooks of all time for Christmas. I've been dreaming of owning it for months. In addition, I received some correspondence from one of my airline frequent flier programs that I had to use some of my miles or lose them, so I subscribed to Gourmet and Bon Appetit for free. I've already received two issues and I've really enjoyed the articles about food around the world. They are different magazines than Cooking Light and a nice change. They tell the stories of chefs around the world. One of the interesting facts I've read so far is that prosciutto di parma (the really yummy Italian dried ham I adore) is so yummy because they feed the pigs the whey from making parmigiano reggiano cheese. Who knew?

5. Naturally - The snow today! Grand Haven got over 6 inches of snow today while I was at work. It is absolutely beautiful. What I love about the picture is that it is taken in color but looks black and white. Those are the trees across the field that my apartment overlooks. In other related snow news office overlooks the Grand River in downtown GH. The channel is just now starting to freeze. The floating ice masses become little boats for the sea gulls. There were whole flocks of them riding ice boats down the river. It cracked me up. Some were only large enough to hold one bird, while others hosted whole flocks.

6. Purchase - Behold the new curtains in my spare bedroom. I found them yesterday and splurged on them. I think I really like them, my only concern is that they might be too 1970s and in a few years I won't like them. They are made from a light blue dupioni silk with screened flowers in navy highlighted with gold. They match my navy bedspread really well and give the room more color. One of the things I don't like about my apartment is that the walls are all white.

7. Gift - And finally, the food processor. I can already taste the gazpacho in the summertime from this baby. I should admit to the Internet that I actually watched the instructional video and enjoyed it. Yep, that's kitchen GEEK.

So that's the tour. I assure you not much else has changed around here. But, if you are curious about any of the above...come visit. I'll make dinner with my food processor from recipes from Silver Spoon, Gourmet, and Bon Appetit, serve it to you on my leaf platter and cheese plates on my green tablecloth, while you blissfully watch the falling snow and anticipate sleeping in the very well decorated spare room.

Cue Julie Andrews...I'm out.


Jennifer Ellen said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this posting. Especially the part about the sewing. And the cheese. You must check out this website if you don't know about it yet:

Reshae said...

love it girl...impressed with the table cloth!!! and yes, i remember that plant stand next to the super fun curtains...i hope to see them in person someday...wouldn't that be grand:)

katherine said...

hey, can you come decorate my new apartment? :)