Friday, February 9

Becky Had a Little Lamb
(with beans and sundried tomatoes)

Tonight I made Lamb and White Beans with Rosemary from Everyday Food Magazine - a Martha Stewart publication. One of my co-workers is ever so very generous each month and lets me have the whole magazine. Her husband gets it and reads it, but never even rips out the recipes. I've made some delicious things out of it before, but this recipe was indeed one of the best. The lamb was delicious and the beans and sundried tomatoes were cooked to perfection. The recipe doesn't call for parsley but I threw some in for some color at the end. I paired this deliciousness with some snow peas made Italian style and a fine glass of red wine and it was a great evening.


Reshae said...

so yeah..u need to own a are amazing:)

katherine said...

ummm, let's talk about that.